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    October 4, 2011

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    stupid groupie: "if a key opens many locks, it is a master key. if a lock is opened by many keys, it's a shitty lock."

  4. Stop Judging Me! The ‘Sexy Gamer Girl’ Hate Phenomenon

  5. October 3, 2011

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    A brief guide to being a feminist boy.

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    ‘Not Ever’ - Rape Crisis Scotland Ad

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    Porn User / Performers =/= Feminists

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    Like porn =/= feminist?

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    For those of you not in the know, Kevin Dent is the IGDA Head Mobile SIG and founder/ceo of Tizwas Entertainment. Kevin decided to attack me out of nowhere in reference to this tweet, stating I and the show I work for were ‘racist’ for use of ‘ebonics.’ I haven’t heard that word outside of movies from the 1970s, but whatever.

    Instead of acting like a professional CEO, he then proceeded to attack me based on my gender (bimbo,) talk about my ‘fun bags’ and compare me to a ‘malignant Rhianna.’ He then called an openly gay follower of mine ‘Lady gag.’ He also used ‘tranny’ as a derogatory insult. So that’s sexism, some racism of his own and transphobia.

    This result in a bit of back and forth which I would have never expected such a so-called professional to enter into. He attacked everything from my pay rate to Australia’s worth in the games industry to my makeup. Yes. A man who has been in the industry for 10 years insinuated that he’d be ‘embarrassed if any devs wore that much eye makeup.’ Because that would effect a woman’s ability to produce quality work. 

    It really came to a head though when he began to blackmail the head programmer of Big Ant Studios, saying that his partners and himself wouldn’t be working with them anymore. He was threatening to cut their funding over a tweet asking him to act like a mature adult. 

    Eventually, Kevin caved in and removed all references to the IGDA from his profile. However, he still holds his position there. Kevin stresses his work with the IGDA is voluntary, which he apparently thinks absolves him of being a good example. I’ve worked and been involved with a lot of people at the IGDA and despite my complete disgust at this behavior displayed by a man who could have just walked away from the situation, I’m actually embarrassed for them, to have to be associated with that at all. The IGDA are a delightful bunch who do some fantastic work. Seems this Kevin thinks that giving people money gives him a license to act like a child.

     No wonder there aren’t enough women in games development when greeted to attitudes like this.

    Kevin Dent also made comments to me; just to let me know that the only reason anyone would listen to me is because my job involves being naked. Because of corurse women who work in adult entertainment are ONLY ever liked, listened too or respected for that reason. I replied “Actually, most of my followers are from my feminist blog, IRL friends and associates. But, THANKS FOR PLAYING! #fuckoffforever”

    He also let me know that saying you are going to try and get someone fired because they are asking you maturely to stop being a douchewad isn’t about blackmail or about threatening people- it’s about commerce!

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